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We offer a range of solutions to get your business connected!

Communications Solutions For Business

OHS delivers easy to use communications solutions and offers all the advantages and savings of a one stop supplier, with a product range that exceeds expectations.

OHS’s proven solutions enable office based, and mobile or flexible workers to integrate fully and securely with scalable, robust networks to deliver communication systems that work!

Moving Premises

Moving premises is an enormous undertaking and will have a significant influence on your IT and telecommunications departments. Which can lead to a decline in customer service. At OHS Comms we can make sure your move is seamless ensuring you always stay connected.

We make sure you can communicate with your customers during your office move, ensuring your business critical data and applications are safely backed up and that your new office is connected and fully functional when you arrive.


  • Smooth and efficient transition
  • Security of business critical data
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Seamless continuity

OHS Comms offers a complete range of connectivity solutions, from VOIP Systems, business lines and calls, through to high speed broadband, Ethernet Access, Fibre Leased Lines.

A full communications, Audit/Consultancy

Business Phone Systems and Telephone Lines

If you are considering moving towards a more flexible, converged infrastructure by deploying IP voice solutions or looking to reduce your expenditure on your analogue or ISDN lines, we can help you improve your network service performance and reduce costs with our bespoke phone systems.

Our Products

As an Independent Telecoms provider we can transfer, connect and reconfigure telephone lines and liaise with network providers directly to provide and maintain these lines.


  • We have achieved savings of over 30% for our valued clients in many cases!
  • Simplified billing, improved cost control, management and admin
  • Improved quality of service
  • Maximised callers experience
  • Reduced missed calls
  • Improved customer service
  • Freed up wasted time on non productive calls

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At OHS Comms, we are constantly adding to our extensive list of services. For further details on all of our services, please talk to one of our friendly team on 03333 660 770.